The writerTitle: One man's place
Speaker: Chris Perkins
Transcript: "I looked out over downtown Rapture earlier today. It's... it's a glorious sight, all right. I came here to begin anew and start again, but... the people here are all great men. Great thinkers and innovators. And who am I? How am I supposed to be able to take my place among them?"

Julia JensenTitle: Leaving the surface
Speaker: Julia Jensen
Transcript: "[Crying] Why did I have to come here? Couldn't my parents have left without me? What about Robert? And all my friends back on the surface? [Sniffles] I tried talking to mother about it, but she won't listen. She never has! I hate Rapture. Hate it!"


The writerTitle: Writing vs. talking
Speaker: Chris Perkins
Transcript: "Hello diary. This is only my second time talking to you. Well, maybe that's because you don't say anything back. Truth is, I'm way better in writing than I am talking to people. And that is a bit of an obstacle when you're trying to be more outspoken. Working on that though, now that I'm writing for the Tribune."

Title: Servitude
Speaker: Sandy Reid
Transcript: "This whole business with Rapture and all... [Blows smoke into the air] I don't buy it. It's all just a scam to trick all these people, these damn sheep into servitude. And it's gonna hit 'em one day, and they'll wish they'd never come. Fuck 'em. They don't live in the shadows. Life ain't a damn school prom, even though Ryan wants to paint it like it is."

The writerTitle: Making friends at the Tribune
Speaker: Chris Perkins
Transcript: "My book is coming along nicely. Even presented an early draft to a publisher, and, well I'm hopeful. About that. Work at the Tribune is going pretty good, too. Stan Poole is an OK guy, I guess. Kind of feel like he's up to something, though. All the time. And then there's miss Jensen... [A long silence before the recording is cut]"

Title: Possibilities with plasmids
Speaker: Lloyd Bonham
Transcript: "One hella thing. Saw the fight of course, between Prangley and that Danish guy. Prangley went down in one punch. One! And Prangley ain't bad, I trained him myself. I've decided. I'm going to start using plasmdis. Everyones always talking about side effects and whathaveyou, but the way I figure, the possibilites outweigh the side effects. By far."

The writerTitle: After the meeting with Ryan
Speaker: Chris Perkins
Transcript: "[Speaking drunkenly] So I was at a meetin' with Andy fuckin' Ryan today and... now Julia definitely hates me. I was too fuckin' scared to even talk to her. Now I'm almost outta booze... but I got an Electro Bolt. Don't know if I wannit. I been writin' the outlines to that story I wus thinkin' 'bout. Gotta remember to write the rest. Notta problem with what this shitty city's turnin' into. I'll just put the papers here on this diary thingy..."

Julia JensenTitle: Loneliness
Speaker: Julia Jensen
Transcript: "I'm all alone. Mom... and dad, are both gone. Sandy I've not heard from in a long while and, and my writer friend is vanished. Ugh, look at me. The city around us is collapsing from economic failure and dissent, and all I do is mope about my own problems."


Andrew RyanTitle: The writer's fate
Speaker: Andrew Ryan
Transcript: "Lamb has escaped, and Atlas is raging a war against me. And even with a war raging, this writer parasite Chris Perkins tries to spread even more dissent through his writings. At least, it's a bit of comfort, to know that we caught him. As we will the others in due time. I will not let the parasites take my city! I had Perkins sent to Point Prometheus."