Lotsa stuff been going on, this year, but it's almost finally over. Here's to 2016, the year I hopefully continue The Writer's adventures in Rapture. Have several ideas.

And hopefully I get my ass working on some other projects I've been outlining. Hoping to get more stuff written on The Adventures of the Hawk. The first part is hidden somewhere in Bioshock: The Writer. Try and find it!


Just a news update for no reason. Go look for easter eggs. Shoo!


Removed basics from the top menu, since those are actually just an excuse for lazy writing. All the info shoulda already be in 'The writer' anyway. Makes the page look like shit when you hover over 'Part VII', but I'm working on it, calm down, enjoy Poseidon Pilsner.

Poseidon Pilsner


Maybe I should write these so called "news" on Facebook or Twitter or something, but I don't think that would help, because I'm not popular enough.

Anyway. Just made a ridiculous trailer from stock sounds and clips from the games. It's ridiculous. But still awesome.


Last few days have meant quite a bit of work. All parts should now be proofread, updated and refreshed. More chapters are coming, but I can't say when.

I'd like to give a shout out to thedodge37 of reddit, for liking the story and making my day when I read your three month old (sorry...) message. Hopefully I won't vanish again.

By the way, check out the guestbook I fixed. Link below.


Stuff has happened in the last four months. I'm making serious plans for more parts for The writer. Parts five and six should be proofread and checked for continuity now, with part seven coming up.

The major changes is that, first, I have changed the timestamp of a few early chapters to correlate with events according to the Bioshock: Rapture novel. Second, some chapters have been improved. Vastly. Going deeper into emotions, feelings, descriptions and everything, starting at the very beginning of the story. I'd say let me know what you think, but I haven't got a guestbook yet.

You know what, just send your thoughts in a Jet Postal. I'll check my pneumo every day, scout's honor.


Parts three and four have been proofread and checked for continuity. They should be updated now. I have also begun working on further chapters to the story. The work is very much alive. If only in my brain at this time.

Also, today is St. Patrick's Day. That's why I say, Bartender! Another round! And of course, make it Old Harbinger!


It's been a while. Part one and two have now been proofread (*whistle innocently*) and a few bits and details changed/added/deleted. Will be looking over the rest. A few easter eggs have also been added around Rapture. Go look!


Launch of BioShock: The Writer on domain name


It always starts with a sentence. This time the sentence is, 'BioShock: The Writer is finally online!'

Fall of 2014

First draft of BioShock: The Writer is finished. Work quickly resumes to expand the work with more and deeper characters and themes.

Sometime in 2013

Work on BioShock: The Writer officially starts.

Probably around 2011-2012

Preliminary work begins as a story takes shape in my head. 'Who paved the way for Subject Delta to wake up?'

Early 2011

I play Bioshock 2 for the first time, getting my first glimpse into the wondrous city of Rapture. Stuck instantly.