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Site finally back up. Got plans for more adventures in Rapture, but not likely to happen soon. Been working on another as of yet untitled project.

Hype for Bioshock The Collection is colossal. In fact, I might never be seen in public again after 16 September.

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The writer comes to Rapture, much like everyone else, with a dream. A dream to create and to belong. The city offers a new chance for those who were lost on the world they leave. But when you're still struggling to understand yourself, taking place among others is never easy. His story takes him through Rapture as it blooms and begins to fall, all the while he's trying to belong. As he falls in love and notices the growing discontent of the people and the splicers running rampant, he begins to see that in Rapture life is not what it was advertised as.

A story of love, both of self and others, and dealing with ones own mental demons, this story puts less focus on the science and world shaking revolutions parts of Rapture and BioShock and more on the lives and fates of a few of the people of Rapture. Those who make Rapture into more than concrete spires on the bottom of the ocean. To me, the author, this is my interpretation of Rapture and my experiences of it. It has been written from the point of view of an introvert viewing an extrovert world. The writer is me, and he is not.

Thank you for reading,
The writer


Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction, written with love for the BioShock franchise. It is not for profit. I gladly give all rights to 2K Games or whatever.